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Intellect-Outsource Studio was established in 2017 and began its work with New York comics publishers. Due to our team of talented international art directors, concept artists, illustrators and sketch artists we are able to work with projects of any style and size. Studio gets the job done according to the schedule, with excellent quality and at a fair price. The goal of our company is to provide a level of artistic creativity and originality that meets the highest standards in the advertising, gaming and film industries.
Intellect-Outsource Studio brings unique ideas to life through illustrations and character designs. With our experience and methods your story will stand out in today’s hectic and noisy world.

Promo-art and illustration

Promo art
Matte Painting
logo design

Transfer of intellectual property rights to our clients is guaranteed

Our clients are vested with exclusive rights to the art product. Artists receive royalties for the created works and alienate exclusive rights to them. Your business is safe from unscrupulous authors. Our team is recommended by GROUP-IB, experts in the field of cyber security.
If desired by our clients, we conclude a confidentiality agreement. All information that we get from you is kept confidential. Employees of our company follow the established rules to ensure client’s information is protected.

Characters for your project

Character Design
Concept Art
In-Game Art

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Task outsourcing for the development of art projects allows you to reduce costs and save your personal time. Creative approach and innovations allow the expansion of the customer base with further promotion of product on the market. Comprehensive service and support by our studio provide an opportunity for you to concentrate the efforts of your company on improving quality of goods and services.


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